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Moles are made of cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are found scattered throughout our skin and are the cells that make our skin become tanned by generating a pigment called melanin. 
A mole is made of many melanocyte cells clustered together


Why do I have moles?

Most people have a mole or two, some people have dozens. They can appear more frequently as we age and can be flat, raised and any colour from flesh coloured through to very dark. Depending on colour and location they can be seen as something rather beautiful but many people simply find theirs unsightly.

How do we reduce them?
We treat with either –

Advanced Aesthetic Electrolysis. A firm but tiny probe allows precise amounts of short wave diathermy (heat) to tap onto the moles, desiccating and shrinking them.
Cryotherapy (nitrous oxide) to freeze the unwanted cells from the surface to the base.
“During electrolysis or cryotherapy treatment, the moles are gently flattened to give the best cosmetic finish possible. Once healed over, there is little to no evidence they were ever there.
We don’t remove/excise/cut out the moles, these methods are only used by a surgeon or dermatologist and only then if there was concern over the health of a particular mole”


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